The virtual campus will accommodate the needs of students with professional, social or economic constraints to improve their knowledge at any stage in life, allowing them to study from their homes or workplaces. Online learning and virtual learning environment will facilitate cooperation between students and lecturers from different European countries, thus gaining international experience and intercultural understanding. Virtual mobility addresses the needs of the students who are not mobile due to family or work commitments, who are constrained by disability, or otherwise don’t have the financial means for traveling during their education.

Online learning also offers cost-efficient education by utilizing cutting-edge information-communication technologies. Considering that the Micro Masters will be resource-intensive, the project will provide the specialisations for free-of-charge in order to reduce expenses of students.

The project will promote inclusive education, equity and social cohesion, while preventing drop-out of disadvantaged students caused by personal, social, cultural or economic circumstances, who need support to fulfil their educational potential.