Lina Auškalnienė (Vytautas Magnus University)

Lina Auškalnienė is PhD Candidate and Lecturer at the Department of Public Communication, Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas. Holds MA Degree in Communication and Information (2005) and BA in Sociology (2003). Since 2009 is a PhD candidate in the field of Political Science at VMU (thesis topic: “Political Participation in Social Media”). Since 2006 works at Vytautas Magnus University. 2006–2011 held an administrative position in the Public Communication Office, 2007–2011 served as the Head of the Office being responsible for the directions of Office’s activities to ensure effective external and internal communication of the university. Since 2008 is a lecturer at Public Communication Department. Main fields of research are: political engagement and participation, social media, public relations in organizational settings as well as political field, communication networks, mediatisation.