Marina Letonja (DOBA)
Researcher, assistant professor and Head of international relationship at Doba Faculty. She is economist and holds a PhD in organizational and business sciences. Lectures Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture, Family Business with elements of female entrepreneurship, Business prognostics and sustainable development strategies, Planning company’s growth, ABC of economics in entrepreneurship, 2 courses she teaches at GEA College, Faculty of entrepreneurship in Ljubljana. Her area of expertise is family businesses and innovation management. She has been involved in numerous international (ACROSSEE, AIDA, InnoCrea, Fementre, Solocom, e-meets, Tempus projects like AISP etc.) and domestic projects (also Incubator at University of Primorska and at GEA College; developing Strategy of Maribor economy with Stanford Research Institute, Cal). She has mentored over 700 business plans for start-ups and over 250 business plans for growth, as well she is author of numerous investment programs and feasibility studies for private and public sector investments.