The Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System (LMS) will represent a virtual learning environment of the virtual campus, which will support virtual mobility, students` engagement and learning, and collaboration with foreign peers and lecturers. The LMS will provide a flexible and personalised way of online learning and open access to a broad range of resources 24 hours a day. It will facilitate the management of the virtual classroom by tracking students` progress. 

The system will facilitate web and computer based learning on the Programme, enabling easy access to the data by all students at any time. All course materials, useful links, students activities and grades, as well as interactive tools for online discussions, live webinars, lecture podcasts, team work and submitting assignments will be included in the LMS. It will be capable of retaining significant amounts of online sources of information, including blogs, slides, video and audio documents. The LMS will also enable quality internal communication of students among themselves and with the lecturers and the management staff, providing latest announcements and discussion forums, and enabling ongoing feedback during the Micro Masters.

Thus, the LMS will support the students and the lecturers to succeed with the dynamic set of learning tools and work together in exciting ways, by delivering a best-in-class cloud productivity experience.